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Based in the Montreal region, Scott Lutherie Guitare specializes in repair, custom guitar work and modifications. Our passionate and experienced luthiers are available to meet your every guitar need. We understand the importance of a custom setup when it comes to your playing style as well as your technical preferences. We offer and thus guarantee a personalized and impeccable repair service for your guitars, basses, mandolins, ukuleles and all other plucked instruments.

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Scott guitar repair shop offers musicians and businesses of Montreal a range of complete services. We will guide you through modifications and adjustments to help  optimize and reach the full potential of your instruments.



¤   String installation (strings not included)

¤   Complete cleaning of the instrument

¤   Neck relief adjustment ( truss rod)

¤   String height adjustment (action)

¤  Intonation ajustment 

¤   Cleaning and lubrification of the fingerboard

¤   Frets polishing

¤   Tuner lubrification

¤  String contact point lubrification ( graphite lubricant )

¤   Electronic cleaning (pots,switches)


Service cost:
*Plus applicable taxes*

Setup :                                                   85$

Setup: (Floyd, 12 cordes, truss rod accès vintage)      95$

                                                       Insurance claim evaluation                 60$

                                                       Complete worth evaluation                 60$

                                                       Rush (same day)                                   40$

Repair and  restoration  

¤   Refret (Nickel, stainless, evo)

¤   Neck Reset

¤   Electronic modification

¤   Pikcups installation ( acoustic, electric )

¤   Crack repair

¤   Broken Headstock

¤   Unglued bridge

¤   Custom made bone saddle and nut

¤   Finish

To help us fully understand and offer you an adapted solution, repairs and restoration require an evaluation of your instrument.
Following that meeting, a written evaluation will be provided. This way, we can ensure a transparent, efficient and rigorous service.

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